Working Holiday Visa in France for Canadians

Chapter 7: First steps in France and visa extensions

Published: 26-02-2019



First steps in France and visa extensions

The landing process was simplified in the 2013 France-Canada Youth Mobility Agreement and WHV holders no longer have to get a work permit from the Direction régionale des Entreprises, de la concurrence, de la consommation, du travail et de l’emploi (DIRECCTE) or the “préfecture”. You can start working directly and no longer have to obtain a residence permit (“carte de séjour”) or temporary work permit.
Much like Canadians have a SIN, French nationals have a “numéro de sécurité sociale”. You may have to apply for it if your employer doesn’t initiate the process on your behalf. To apply for your “numéro de sécurité sociale”, you’ll need an apostilled or a legalized version of your birth certificate (if you were born in Canada). Make sure to ask for a copy of your birth certificate before you arrive in France. For more information, read:

Can I leave and re-enter France during the validity of my visa?

Yes. You can leave France, explore other countries or return to Canada and then come back to France as many times as you want, as long as your visa is still valid.

And what if I want to extend my stay?

At the end of your WHV, you may be eligible to apply for one of the other three visa categories under the France-Canada Youth Mobility Agreement.
Visa extension must be submitted at the “préfecture” two months before the expiration of your current visa. Before going to the “préfecture,” contact it to confirm the required documents.

If a visa extension is granted, the “préfecture” will issue:

      • A 12-month “autorisation provisoire de séjour” to 3D visa holders
      • A “carte de séjour temporaire” valid up to 12 months to 3A, 3B and 3C visa holders

If you’d rather come back to Canada before considering other visa options, you will have to submit your application at one of the Consulate General of France in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver.

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Hi ! I can’t find any information about how to get a “Note Verbale”. How to get this document?
Je ne trouve pas d’information concernant la “Note Verbale”, comment obtenir ce document pour mon PVT? Merci!

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Salut ! Où as-tu vu ce document ? Il n’est pas demandé dans la liste :

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Does anyone know if you require you need to purchase health insurance for a year during the application phase? Seems odd to purchase health insurance without knowing if you’ll get the visa. Also, I was told that you could apply up until the day you turn 36 (does that mean that this date is from the time you submit the application?)

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Hi, I have the same question. Just wondering if you ever sorted it out?

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Hi, does anyone know if I need to have a certificate proving I know French from a university class or something ? I’ve been learning French on online apps and I think I’m pretty good but I don’t have any proof that I’ve learned it in school or know up to a certain amount. Will this hinder my visa application ?

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You don’t need to know any French for the WHV.

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This is the most frustrating paperwork process. I have spent almost my entire 1 yr of working holiday visa UNEMPLOYED because there’s no CLEAR instructions how to obtain a social security number. I’ve gone to temp agencies(one of them a not so nice person almost laughed in my face 😒 telling me it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be hired without the numéro security sociale) and many places while job hunting and they all REQUIRED a social security # even though I explained and showed documents of my visa AND my external insurance. I also filled out the form and applied for it at CEPA (waited 3+ months) only to be told I am not entitled to one because it’s a VISA VACANCE TRAVAIL. so, this has been many setbacks and tears, don’t get me started with renewing process 😪

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Hello! Does anyone know if it’s possible to renew the working holiday visa in Canada, aka return to Canada and do a renewal through VFS Global? I’m having trouble finding information about this and it’s impossible to book an appointment at the prefecture right now.

Any info would be very helpful, thanks 🙂

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Hi Alison, I was wondering if you got an update about this as I am in the same situation. I was on a working holiday then came back a few years later in Vancouver. I’ve been trying to find information about renewal as well and there’s none. I’ve contacted the consulate and they gave me a solid no but the VFS agent in Vancouver said I can renew it over again as long as I’m qualified..

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