1Eligibility and documents

As we introduced in our article titled The Working Holiday Visa (WHV) program to France, France has signed agreements with 15 governments (at the time of writing). Eligible are young adults:

  • Between 18-30 years old (inclusive) from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, South Korea, Taiwan, and Uruguay.
  • Between 18-35 years old (inclusive) from Argentina, Australia, and Canada.

The Working Holiday Visa allows eligible young adults to stay in France for up to 12 months, with the exception of Canadian nationals, who have the option of extending their working holiday by an additional 12 months.

Regardless of your nationality, chapter 2 of this guide will show you how to start and complete your WHV to France. Chapters 3 and beyond contain additional reference materials for nationalities that are most represented in France.

    If your nationality does not have a dedicated chapter at this time, don’t worry; by following the steps outlined in chapters 1 and 2, you will receive all of the information anyway.

    Documents required of ALL nationalities:

    • Valid passport
    • Visa application form completed and signed
    • 2 ID photos (35mm x 45mm)
    • Motivation letter explaining why you are applying
    • Proof of funds (€2500, or equivalent in other currency)
    • Private health insurance for duration of stay
    • Return flight, or proof of extra funds to purchase one later on

    Documents required of CERTAIN nationalities:

    • Clean background check
    • Medical certificate attesting to your good health
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