Work experience in Canada: the Young Professionals work permit

Chapter 3: Am I eligible for a Young Professionals work permit?

Published: 11-12-2019



Am I eligible for a Young Professionals work permit?

You must meet all the following requirements:

  • You have to be 18-30 or 18-35 years old (depending on the agreement for your country of citizenship) when you apply. You can submit an application until the day before you turn 31 (or 36).
  • You must have a valid passport issued by a country that signed an IEC agreement with Canada. Note that citizens of several countries must also prove you’re a resident in your country when you apply (i.e. they must prove this is where they live permanently).
  • You must have a job offer in Canada. It must be directly related to your work or studies field and “contribute to your professional development.”
  • The job you are offered in Canada must be classified as a National Occupational Classification (NOC) Code Skill Type Level 0, A or B. An NOC C job might be accepted if you can submit a post-secondary diploma, certificate or degree, with your work permit application.
  • You must have at least CAN$2,500 in your bank account when you land in Canada.
  • Once you get your Young Professionals work permit, you must buy an insurance plan covering medical care, hospitalization, and repatriation. It must be valid for the entire duration of your stay. Young Professionals permit holders can check out Globe WHV, with comprehensive coverage from EUR29.70 (about CAN$45) per month.
  • You must pay the CAN$153 fee and the CAN$85 biometrics fee.
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