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Globe WHV: you'll be covered for hospitalization, repatriation (after a major accident, for instance), accidental death, personal civil liability, etc.

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Globe PVT is worth its price. It is not the best service, because there is not enough information on how to get reimbursed. I went to see the doctor two months ago and after making my reimbursement request, they asked me for additional documents, which made me waste time in reimbursement. Why not ask us to list in advance the papers to ask the doctor when we are there, rather than asking when requesting reimbursement?
In addition, the refund is falsely full. I paid $200 for my consultation and was reimbursed $193 because they converted it into Euros and then converted back into CAD to reimburse me. When I use April’s insurance (which is certainly more expensive) the reimbursement is made very quickly and equal to the amount spent.

So not the worst experience, but I wish I had known that in advance.

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Hello Marina,
I have noted your opinion and I thank you for this information.
I’ll try to answer for clarity:
– not enough information on how to get reimbursed: You will find in the insurance tab, a whole section on how to use my insurance properly: globe-pvt/
It is quite complete.
You will also find in the conditions of the Globe PVT contract, downloadable in this same insurance tab, the detailed procedure for requesting reimbursement.
You will also find, on the Globe PVT product page, still in the “insurance” tab just above, a “reimbursement” tab: pvt/?part=pvtists
Not to mention our regular presence on the forum to answer questions, doubts, etc.
I think that’s a lot of info on how to go about making a refund request 🙂
– request for additional information: the detailed procedure clearly explains what is needed to make a complete request and in particular that the doctor indicates the diagnosis during the consultation.
– The exchange rate: difference of 7 CAD: Transfers to foreign accounts are sometimes subject to bank charges and/or variations linked to changing exchange rates.
For our part, we take charge of the bank sending costs (transfer issuing costs which are therefore not charged to you) but we have no view on what your bank could charge you (or not) when receiving a transfer from abroad.

I hope these answers give you more understanding of how a refund request process works.

Do not hesitate to come back to me for any further information.

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Fortunately, I had little need of their services, but the little I asked for was easily granted.

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Having had a health problem in September, I first called on the teleconsultation (available with the Globe PVT offer) to get a first medical opinion. Then, during my stay in the emergency room, Globe PVT took care of my health costs (through Goral Assistance) so that I did not have to advance them, knowing that a visit to the emergency room exceeds $1200, I was more than happy with the service provided by the insurance.

What would you change in the refund process?
Have a confirmation of our reimbursement, after all the procedures, as well as the total amount that has been paid by the insurance.

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I had to see an “emergency” ophthalmologist and I contacted the insurance department by email, not knowing where to apply online. After some research I found but I also had a very quick response and my refund was made in less than 10 days.

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Extremely simple

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Edit: Following a (finally ;)) clearer email from allianz, I corrected my note.
However, I remain a little surprised at the lack of clarity regarding this switch from one insurer to another without a clear explanation and I think it would be good for a concrete explanation to be given to the insured.
————————————————– ———————
Regarding the reimbursement of hospitalization costs, everything is ok, even if it took a little longer than what was announced.
I received emails regularly to keep me informed of the progress of the care.

Unfortunately, I am much less satisfied with the handling of a claim that occurred nearly two months ago.
The support was confirmed a month ago and despite this, I have not yet received any money.
The contract with acs/globe pvt does contain civil liability; yet they tell me that it is not them who manage this.
I have to go through allianz (I don’t know why), which confirmed to me that my claim was covered and taken care of, but nothing has progressed for a month without any logical explanation.

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Hello Maud,
I can confirm that it’s the same insurer, don’t worry, but just different services, one managing RC, the other health.

In addition, we exchange in the private part of the forum and I do my best to make things happen 🙂

Have a good evening.