2021 International Experience Canada season: Working Holiday, Young Professionals

Published: 03-09-2021



2021 Working Holiday Program Season: due to current travel restrictions, Working Holiday candidates will have to provide proof of a valid job offer to receive an invitation to apply for the 2021 season.

Read our Working Holiday (IEC): finding a job in Canada from your home country? article for tips!

Here is an article about the 2021 IEC season (Working Holiday, Young Professionals and International co-op (Internship) permits). Read on for the latest news!

When will the 2021 IEC season open?

The 2021 International Experience Canada season pools for certain countries are opening March 1st, 2021.

Country of citizenship Opening Date Quota
Austria September 3 2021 100 spots
Australia March 1st 2021 Unlimited
Belgium March 1st 2021 750 spots
Chile March 1st 2021 725 spots
Croatia March 15 2021 275 spots
Costa Rica March 1st 2021 80 spots
Czech republic March 1st 2021 1 000 spots
Denmark March 1st 2021 350 spots
Estonia August 23 2021 110 spots
France March 1st 2021 7 100 spots
Germany June 15 2021 4 490 spots
Greece March 1st 2021 180 spots
Hong Kong March 1st 2021 200 spots
Ireland March 1st 2021 10500 spots
Italy March 1st 2021 1 000 spots
Japan March 1st 2021 6 500 spots
Latvia August 4 2021 40 spots
Lithuania August 23 2021 175 spots
Luxembourg March 1st 2021 80 spots
New Zealand March 10 2021 2 500 spots
Netherlands March 22 2021 430 spots
Norway March 1st 2021 130 spots
Poland August 23 2021 635 spots
Portugal March 1st 2021 1750 spots
San Marino March 1st 2021 25 spots
Slovakia March 1st 2021 315 spots
Slovenia September 3 2021 80 spots
Spain March 1st 2021 800 spots
South Korea March 1st 2021 4 000 spots
Sweden March 1st 2021 580 spots
Switzerland March 1st 2021 Non eligible
Taiwan March 1st 2021 940 spots
United Kingdom March 1st 2021 5 000 spots

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What is International Experience Canada (IEC)?

IEC is a Government of Canada program designed to give 18-35 year-old travellers the opportunity to work in Canada.
There are three IEC work permit categories:

  • Working Holiday (often referred to as the “WHV”)
  • Young Professionals (“YP”)
  • International Co-op (Internship)
Pvtistes.net is a free information website and offers zero fake news, 100% real info from official sources, i.e. the Government of Canada (official social media accounts, official website).

DON’T GET SCAMMED! Every year, a number of hopeful candidates use third-party websites. The deal? “Of course, we can guarantee you a spot, just pay $$$!” Scammers! There is only one website to submit your profile to a pool—the Government of Canada website, https://www.canada.ca/iec-international.

How can I apply for a Working Holiday work permit?

New to the Working Holiday work permit? Take a minute to read this comprehensive introduction to the Canadian Working Holiday Visa Program for a comprehensive overview.

If you’re a former Working Holiday Visa holder, you still need to understand how the process works for Canada. For instance, unlike Australia, Japan or Argentina, Canada has a quota system. Candidate profiles are drawn at random from pools—you may not receive an invitation at all since there are usually more applicants than Workin Holiday permits available.

You can submit your profile to a pool as soon as the 2021 IEC season opens. Use our comprehensive Step-By-Step Tutorial to International Experience Canada Work Permits for Working Holiday, Young Professionals and International Co-op work permits applications (with screenshots!).

The two basic Working Holiday work permit requirements are having a minimum of CAN$2,500 to help cover your expenses in Canada and buying health insurance (psst… check out Globe WHV!) for the entire duration of your stay in Canada. Note that the proof of funds and proof of insurance won’t be required when you apply but you must present them upon landing. Once you get your Working Holiday work permit, you have 12 months to travel to Canada and activate your work permit.

How much does it cost to participate in International Experience Canada?

  • Working Holiday applicants must pay the CAD156 IEC participation fee plus the CAD100 open work permit holder fee plus CAND85 biometrics fee (total fee of CAD341).
  • International Co-op and Young Professionals applicants must pay the CAD156 IEC participation fee plus CAN$85 biometrics fee (total fee of CAD241).

To download our FREE Guide to Working Holiday in Canada, click here!

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