Vanlife is the kind of life many people dream about. These days, living in a modified van and exploring the world for weeks, months or even years is perfectly acceptable. You must have spotted a few of these adventurous spirits on the road, right?

This article is dedicated to all vanlife addicts and to those who have it on their bucket list (maybe for a Working Holiday Visa adventure to Australia?).

Because vanlife is complete freedom but also an adventure in itself. All vanlife addicts, raise your hand if…

You turn the volume up on the radio when your van is making weird noises

Note that the louder the noise, the more it’ll cost to get the problem fixed. So there’s one sentence you’ll never say out loud—“damn, what’s that weird noise?” Problem, solution. Just make sure you can’t hear it!

You know where to find the best spots to spend the night

Wikicamps, Park4night and Google Maps are your best friends. You just know where to park for scenery and a good night’s sleep.

You have a major in BBQ with a minor in grilling

You’re such a true BBQ chef that you’ve considered buying all the tools and accessories, including the “GrillFather” apron you saw online. Or maybe the “May the Forks be With You” model. You’re still hesitating. 

You developed a taste for gas station coffee

Honestly, who needs George Clooney and Nespresso when you can just order from a 24/7 random gas station in the middle of nowhere?

You never shower without plastic flip-flops

Let’s face it, camp showers or your own solar shower call for footwear. And obviously, you can’t remember the last time you rinsed with hot water.

You insist that you’re stealthy, not sneaky

Okay, maybe you did camp where you weren’t supposed to a few times, but you got up early enough to avoid park rangers and you left the spot spotless.

You have way too many bruises

Small space plus normal human body equals bumping your head or worse, your baby toe, twenty times a day. Ouch, you’ve just done it again.

You’re a Tetris and space-saving pro

Everything fits and space is maximized. Kind of. It’s just that you have to move twenty boxes every time you need to open the hidden table. Maybe next time you’ll consider transparent bins as well…

You spend half your budget on gas

Your worst nightmare is the fill-up plus a van service appointment. Flying across the world could have been cheaper…

You have hacks for just about everything

Problem? Solution. You’re an experienced traveller, a fearless soul, a resourceful adventurer… HOLY SHIT IS THAT A SPIDER?? WHAT SHOULD I DO???

No style is a style

This is vanlife, not Fashion Week. Comfort is more important, which explains why you live in your t-shirt, sweatpants and sandals.

You don’t have plans, not even a plan

Every day is a new adventure. No pressure, no obligations, you’re the boss and you can do whatever you want.

You stop at every scenic lookout

It doesn’t even have to say “scenic lookout”, you just stop wherever it’s pretty. This is probably why you’re running out of storage on your phone and why you should probably spend an evening sorting through the million pictures of your van.

Your van is your cozy home sweet home

It’s on wheels but so what? At the end of the day, you’re going “home” and you sleep like a baby.

In fact, your van has a name

What? It’s your best friend and your only travel companion, you can’t just call it “the van”!

You’re getting dangerously addicted to this lifestyle

You’re free, you’re travelling, you’re meeting interesting people along the way, you’re learning new skills and you’re quite enjoying the journey of self-discovery as well.

You just can’t beat the daily sunrise and sunset

Honestly, it’s better than a movie and it starts on time without commercials. 

You know all the tricks to warm up on cold nights

Candles, hot soup, blankets, hot water bottle… it’s not that cold, really. More hot soup is on the way! 

You don’t like riding shotgun

You’re the only person who knows all the van’s quirks, after all. 

You have the best playlists

Top pop hits, best of the 1990s, some rap music and maybe obscure heavy metal bands because why not. And of course, you sing along.

You’re quite a cook now

Sure, your meal invariably includes instant noodles and pasta with your favourite sauce if you’re feeling fancy but it’s cheap and filling.

All your loved ones tell you how lucky you are

Yep, you’re lucky. But mostly, you made it happen. You decided to live a nomadic life and to leap into the unknown. You did it, congrats!

And if you’re not exploring the world in a van, the article You Know You’re a Backpacker When… should describe you pretty well! 


Je suis en PVT au Canada depuis novembre 2021, plus spécifiquement à Montréal. La fin du PVT annonce certainement de futures destinations... :)

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