1Introduction to Express Entry

Introduction to Express Entry

Back in January 2015, the Canadian government launched a new permanent residence initiative for permanent economic immigration outside of Quebec: the Express Entry system. The immigration programmes are the same as before, but this new initiative should allow for an initial selection of the best candidates for permanent economic residence in order to grant rapid entry into Canada (within 6 months of being selected).

Note: Express Entry is NOT for those of you who are interested in an IEC permit (WHV, Co-op or Young Professionals) or immigrating permanently to Quebec. The same applies to those who wish to apply for a temporary work permit.

That said, if you plan to settle permanently in Canada (outside of Quebec), Express Entry may be of interest to you. Express Entry is mainly managed by the Canadian immigration department known as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Who can apply for Express Entry and who can’t?

People who can apply for Express Entry

Those who can apply for Express Entry include applicants for permanent residence (who wish to settle permanently in Canada, outside of Quebec), and who wish to go through one of the following categories:

  • The Federal Skilled Workers category
  • The Skilled Trades category
  • The Canadian Experience class

Some of the candidates selected by provinces may go through specific procedures of a province or territory which are directly linked to Express Entry. In all cases, they must truly be eligible for one of the 3 categories above before they can be considered.

Applicants in the above 3 categories must go through Express Entry. This is not an “option” in their process, but rather the mandatory procedure. We will provide more information on these programmes in the following section.

Categories not covered by Express Entry

All of the following permanent residence categories are not covered by Express Entry:

  • All those who wish to apply for residency in Quebec (Quebec skilled workers): whether you are applying through the “traditional” CSQ, through sponsorship, through the Quebec Experience Program (QEP), through the Quebec businesspeople category, or through the Quebec refugee sponsorship program.
  • Applicants of the business start-up visa programme
  • Applicants of the self-employed immigration programme
  • Applicants of the live-in carers programme
  • Applicants who wish to sponsor a family member in Canada (outside of Quebec).
  • Applicants whose application for permanent residence was received before January 1st, 2015.
  • Certain Provincial Nominee Program applicants selected under “traditional” (non-Express Entry) programmes of those provinces and territories
  • Persons whose job falls within categories C or D of the NOC (with the exception of management positions classified as 0).

Savings required by Canadian authorities

In the event that you are selected, you must be able to prove that you have sufficient funds to settle in Canada. The total amount required is $13,213 CAD for an individual, and $20,222 CAD for a couple with a child (as of 2021). This proof of sufficient funds is not required if you already have a valid job offer to present when you apply for Express Entry OR you are already in Canada on a temporary work permit.

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