Step-By-Step Guide to International Experience Canada Work Permits — International Co-op, Young Professionals and Working Holiday Applications

Chapter 24: Completing your application — Submitting the documents, signing the form and paying the fees

Published: 20-03-2020



Completing your application — Submitting the documents, signing the form and paying the fees

Once uploaded, the document name is green. Here is an example for an application in the Young Professionals category (without police certificate).

You should see a “Next” button. You will have to electronically sign your online application again, like you did when you submitted your profile to the pool(s).

Read the privacy policy, accept the terms and conditions and declare that the information you have given in your application is true and the supporting documents you’re sending are genuine. Enter your last and first names at the bottom of the page and answer one of your security questions.

Click “Sign.” You’ll see the same page again but this time with your names at the bottom, right above the “Transmit and pay” button.

Before clicking “Transmit and pay,” grab your payment card. The next page is the payment page:

  • Working Holiday applicants must pay the CAD153 IEC participation fee plus the CAD100 open work permit holder fee plus CAND85 biometrics fee (total fee of CAD338)
  • International Co-op and Young Professionals applicants must pay the CAD153 IEC participation fee plus CAN$85 biometrics fee (total fee of CAD238)

For more information about IEC fees, read How much does it cost to participate in International Experience Canada?

Click “Transmit and Pay.” You will be redirected to a payment gateway, an external Web page to enter your payment details.

Make sure you’re ready to submit your application and pay the participation fees before clicking “Transmit and Pay.”

Credit cards and prepaid cards from Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and JCB® are accepted. Note that many local debit cards, including the Visa Electron debit card, may not be accepted.

Fill out the required payment information and click the green “Process Transaction” button.
If payment goes through, you’ll be redirected to your IRCC account. You should see a message confirming your application was submitted.

You can click “Exit Questionnaire.” Congrats! You’ve just submitted your application!

Soon after, you’ll see a new message in your account. All work permit, study permit or visa applicants receive this standard receipt after submitting their application. You already provided a copy of your passport when you submitted your application. IEC work permit applicants don’t need to send their original passport. If for some reason IRCC needed it (as far as we know, it has never happened so far) you’d get another message with new instructions.

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