Lyon (France), a Working Holiday Visa Destination

Chapter 3: Public Transportation

Published: 23-05-2018



Public Transportation


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Lyon has an extensive, integrated public transportation system. Bus, subway and tramway lines are managed by the TCL Service is very good.

Renting a Vélov’ (bike-share program) is also a good option—there are many pick up and drop off stations as well as good bike paths. The annual pass costs €15 (under 25) or €25 (25 y.o and up) for a daily thirty-minute trip, and you can pick up and drop off a bike as many times as you want in a day.

A single bus/metro/tram ticket is €1.80 at the station or €2 if bought on board. For an hour, you can take as many trips as you want and connect between the different transit modes.
You may find a better fare depending on your needs (48-hour ticket, 72-hour ticket, etc.): TCL—Fares

Tickets are cheaper when you buy ten of them (€16.20) or if you get a monthly pass (€62.10/month, generally employers subsidize 50% of the cost if you’re a full-time employee).

Note that unlike London or Paris, Lyon doesn’t have a zone system but a flat ticket fee no matter how far you’re travelling.

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