4Getting there and away

Getting there and away

From the Airport

Rhône Express is a tramway line that takes you from St Exupéry airport to Part-Dieu station in just over 30 minutes. It is fast, efficient and super expensive: €15.80 euros one way, a price locals complain about.
You can share a taxi (around (€45) if you’re a small group. Ride-sharing services such as Uber, AlloCab.com and SnapCar, or carpooling are other alternatives. These are about all the options you have since there are no longer any bus lines from the airport to downtown.


Lyon is a TGV (“Train à grande vitesse,” high-speed train) hub and you can easily travel to and from:

  • Paris (2 hours)
  • Lille (3 hours)
  • Avignon (70 min.)
  • Marseille (90 min.)
  • Rennes or Nantes (4 ½ hours)

There are also many TER lines (“Transport express régional,” regional trains, generally slower and cheaper) that can take you to Grenoble, Geneva, Annecy, Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, the Alps or even Italy or Spain (Lyon-Barcelona is only a 5-hour trip!).

TER tickets can usually be bought at the last minute. However you have to book your TGV tickets to enjoy lower fare (and special discounts on Prem’s and OuiGo tickets). If you plan to travel by train a lot, consider buying a Carte jeune pass or the Rhône-Alpes pass.


The Perrache railway station is a major bus terminal where you can hop on a Eurolines bus, one of the many companies offering cheap ticket to French and European cities.


Carpooling is popular in France. Websites and applications like Blablacar let you find cheap rides for long or short trips. Don’t forget to read feedback before you book your ride!

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Amoureuse des Etats-Unis, de l'Utah et du voyage en train, j'ai passé 7 mois à Montréal en 2010, et j'en ai profité pour découvrir la Nouvelle-Angleterre en long, en large et en travers !
Mon coup de cœur avec Montréal date de 2008, et d'un mois estival là-bas... Depuis, je ne fais qu'y retourner !

J'ai réalisé deux tours des Etats-Unis (& Canada) en 2012 puis en 2014. Plusieurs mois sur les routes, c'est formateur... De retour à Montréal en 2019-2020 pour un PVT, avant de raccrocher !
Sur PVTistes.net, j'aime partager mon expérience sur le forum, dans des dossiers thématiques ou même en personne ! Vous me croiserez sûrement à Lyon, ma ville de cœur.

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