Hello, I'm a Canadian who just finished my second year WHV. My employer refused to do the process for a work visa for me, and my French boyfriend and I broke up so getting PACSed is no longer an option either. From what I understand my only other option at this point is to get a student visa, I hate the thought of going back to school but was willing to struggle through it just to get back into the country.

The other day during my research I discovered it's possible to get a student visa to study French (the course has to be FLE accredited and it still has to meet the minimum hours requirement). This seems like such an easier option than going to university and I'm super surprised it took me so long to discover it as it seems almost no one is talking about it online.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had experience with getting a student visa this way and if they were able to do it successfully and smoothly.

I also have a follow up question that's more for a personal opinion/advice. Now that I'm no longer in a relationship (the reason I moved to France in the first place) I'm struggling to decide if I should stay within the Côte d'Azur where I've lived for the past two years and know somewhat well. Or take this opportunity to discover another area in France. But also how do I decided where to live out of the whole country!!