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    Bonjour à tous,

    j'aimerai tout d'abord vous remercier tous pour tous vos conseils et articles, très bon travail

    je pense partir en septembre à Perth et passer mon permis de conduire là-bas.
    Est-ce que je peux effectuer mes 50h de conduite accompagnées pendant les 6 premiers mois, pour ensuite prétendre au provisional permit et donc avoir mon provisional permit à 6 mois + 1 jour? ou faut-il les effectuer après l'inscription?

    de plus, une fois en poche, pourrais-je louer une voiture ou est-ce comme en France où il faut avoir au moins 1 ans de permis?

    merci pour votre aide


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    pour ceux qui veulent, voici la réponse que j'ai obtenue du service des transports de WA à ma première question.
    je pense que le système est sensiblement le même pour les autres Etats.

    Thank you for your enquiry.
    There is no time limit for you to be residing in Western Australia prior to applying for a learners permit.
    To enquire about transferring your WA learners permit to another state, you can contact the licensing department in the stat concerned and ask for their transfer requirements.
    Please see the below information regarding applying for a WA Learners Permit.
    You will need to attend any Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) Centre between 8.15am and 3.45pm to apply for your Learner’s Permit. An appointment may be required if attending a regional DVS Agent.
    To find the address of your nearest centre/agent, visit our website. DVS Centre addresses are also listed in the White Pages under Transport (Department of).
    There are a number of key documents you must supply when applying for your first WA Learner’s Permit. A combination of primary and secondary identification documents are required to be presented by you before you can be granted with a WA Learner’s Permit.
    Original documents only, certified copies will not be accepted.
    For more information regarding the proof of identity documents required for the initial grant of your WA Learner’s Permit please visit our website to obtain the fact sheet.
    You will be required to pass a computerised theory test (CTT) based on WA road rules before a Learner’s Permit can be granted. The handbook outlining the road rules for WA is called ‘Drive Safe’, and can be obtained from a DVS Centre or downloaded in print or audio format from our website. You can also contact the Customer Contact Centre on 13 11 56 to request a copy by post.
    A practice computerised theory test is also available on our website.
    The fees payable for the granting of a Learner’s Permit are:

    • $18.50 for the CTT
    • $75.90 for the application fee if the CTT is passed
    • $18.40 for your Log Book

    All payments can be made by cash, cheque, money order, EFTPOS or credit card (Visa and MasterCard only).
    If the CTT is not passed on the first attempt, a re-sit fee of $12.90 will apply.
    Once you have passed the CTT, completed an eye-sight test and paid the application fee you will be granted a Learner’s Permit. You will also be required to pay the Log Book Fee of $18.40 and will be issued with a Log Book.
    You can then have lessons with an instructor, or with someone who has held that class of licence for four years or more. Lessons can be booked through any private driving school. The Department of Transport cannot recommend any particular school and you may want to look up Driving Schools or Driving Instructors, in the Yellow Pages.
    You will need to complete 25 hours of Supervised Driving before you will be able to book in for the Practical Driving Assessment (PDA). Test bookings/enquiries can be made through our Customer Contact Centre on 13 11 56 or online by going to the following link
    PDA Bookings.
    Alternatively, bookings can be made in person at a DVS Centre or Agent.
    On passing your PDA, you will be required to record another 25 hours of supervised driving.
    You will be required to allow six months between passing your PDA and sitting the Hazard Perception Test (HPT). On completion of the six months wait and 50 hours of supervised driving, and you have reached the age of 17, you will need to attend a DVS Centre and pay $20.90 to sit the HPT. If you pass the HPT you can then pay $41.80 for a 1 year provisional Driver’s Licence. If you do not pass you will be required to pay $13.90 in order to take the test on another day.

    If you require further information please do not hesitate to reply to this email. Alternatively, you can visit our website, www.transport.wa.gov.au/licensing or call our Customer Contact Centre on 13 11 56 or +61 8 9215 1204 if you are calling from outside Australia.

    Kind Regards,