12How about… Whitehorse or Dawson (Yukon)?

How about… Whitehorse or Dawson (Yukon)?

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You probably won’t find gold but you’re in for a unique adventure if you decide to settle down in “the Klondike.”

Why should I go to the Yukon?

  • Well, here’s your epic Canadian adventure, completely off the beaten track!
  • You’ll get to speak English with the (few) locals—that’s a good thing if you’re an English speaker looking for a job or if you want to work on your English skills. There’s a thriving French community as well in Whitehorse.
  • You’ll get to live in the breathtaking scenery and you will have a front-row seat for the seasonal Northern Lights magic.
  • The local job market mostly revolves around the hospitality and restaurant industries.
  • Whitehorse and Dawson, the main cities in the Yukon, have a lovely small-town feel and locals are said to be friendly and welcoming.

Just keep in mind that…

  • It’s cold, very cold in the Yukon… like -40⁰C-kind-of-cold in winter. And some days, you will only get five hours of natural light, which can be rather depressing.
  • The Yukon isn’t the place where you’ll get the most work opportunities.
  • Getting to the Yukon isn’t easy—you will have to drive, fly or take the ferry.
  • The Yukon has about 35,000 residents on a territory as big as Sweden, so if you like having people around, head somewhere else!
  • Finding affordable housing is a major issue.
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I moved from France to Canada on a WHV from November 2021 to 2023, followed then by spending the first quarter of 2024 in Latin America! Happy to answer all your questions.

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