The Pros and Cons of 11 Canadian Cities to Help You Decide On Your Working Holiday Adventure Destination

Published: 16-09-2022



Where should you start your Working Holiday adventure in Canada? Where should you rent your first apartment and start your job hunt? Tough choice, especially when you’re still at home, wondering what Canada has in store for you.

A few practical considerations can help you narrow down your search—plane ticket prices, time of the year, language spoken, expectations and plans. Still, Canada is a huge country so we’re going to help you a bit. 

Here is a round up of several popular Canadian destinations, each with pros and cons. Of course, this overview is subjective, let us know your specific questions on the forum and read the latest replies. And don’t forget to download your copy of our Guide to Working Holiday in Canada, it’s free!

Finally, don’t forget that the Working Holiday permit is super flexible. You can live and work anywhere you want in Canada for 12 or 24 months, so you’re free to move around, go off the beaten track and make the experience your own!

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