6How about… Winnipeg (Manitoba)?

How about… Winnipeg (Manitoba)?

winnipeg canada

“The Peg,” “Winterpeg,” “Murderpeg,” “Mosquitopeg”… okay, winters are cold and there are mosquitoes in summer, but Winnipeg is actually a lovely city in the prairies and a great option to discover this part of Canada!

Why should I go to Winnipeg?

  • Winnipeg is a small, family-oriented city where people have a reputation for being very friendly. It even says on the licence plate, “Friendly Manitoba”!
  • English is the main language but there’s also a strong French community.
  • The cost of living is much lower than in Calgary or Toronto.
  • It’s an interesting option to explore the Prairies and you won’t be on the backpacker trail.

Just keep in mind that…

  • Winnipeg is far from other Canadian cities and major tourist attractions.
  • There are museums, events and festivals, but not as many as in bigger cities like Toronto or Montreal.
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I moved from France to Canada on a WHV from November 2021 to 2023, followed then by spending the first quarter of 2024 in Latin America! Happy to answer all your questions.

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