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    Hi everyone,

    After summer working, I thought visit the West coast US around October - November from Seattle to San Diego. I will sleep in my future Van Volkswagen. So, I have an idea in France how much does it cost for a furnished car (it's really expensive around 10 000 €!) But I read here and some friends who have ever done a WHV said they slept in their car. However, I will sleep for a long time inside (I think just a month).
    So, I want to know the price for a furnished car Volkswagen and the price for a simple Van Volkswagen. But I don't know where I can find this information.
    Is there someone here who have ever done this kind of experience in Canada or Australia ?

    I have ever sleep in a Van Volkswagen for 2 weeks. I know what I need to have for live inside. But if you know some laws important to know (stuff, behaviors forbidden), please tell me about it, I don't want to go in jail (lol)

    I need some tips and information to be well prepared.

    Thanks you all

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    Hi !

    Did you just check websites like Kijiji ou Craislist to see if there is any VW to sell ? it would give you a retty good idea of the prices you could meet.
    But don't forget other associated costs like insurance or immatriculation...