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    Reading this, i actually think he's totally right.

    However I quote this" Had the classic Canadian inferiority complex finally decided to bite back? ... winning its first gold medal as a host nation was understandable...".

    Candadians as the french suffer from a complex of inferiority and as we did during the 98' world cup, we shown patriotism whish was unusual in france.
    Canadians were focus on the olympic game because it could bring frendship, for once they were proud to belong to a winning nation. This won't last, as it didn't last in france because it's not part of their mentality.

    "But that story swiftly swept the luge tragedy off the front pages. There were no follow-up stories about investigations, memorials or retributions to the family."

    This is true. i regret they didn't shown more concern about this poor guy. I was very shoked and sorry for the family: working hard for four years, running after a podium glory and satisfaction. All this effrots to find death 24h befor the beggining of the olympics. But was it only in canada ? i wasn't watching other than french TVs and they didn't spend much time... oh! yes they did actually: again and again the video of the accident. It shouldn't have been shown.

    But is the guy an american or canadian ? from a canadian it could be seen as objectivity, from an american it's totally inapropriate.
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